The Kyniska Running Girl

She stepped out of her chariot and started running down the street with the confidence of an Olympic Champion and the sophistication of a scientist. Her dirty-blonde hair flowed behind her in the gentle breeze, her playful side always accompanying her competitiveness.

She was in the mid-follicular phase of her menstrual cycle. She knew that meant estrogen was rising and it was time to push the pace. Estrogen is powerful.

I couldn’t help but stare at her from across the street, steps away from my Kyniska Running office. She looked empowered and empowering, classic yet timeless. Leaving her chariot behind and running with her chin up, she was fueled by optimism and the capacity of her own physiology.

I could see why other women wanted to be like her, why they wanted to know who her coach is, and I realized the full depth of my role as Chief Marketing Officer. This girl was the star in her own life, and she knew it. And so did everyone else.

She is relatable—she’s sophisticated but not snooty, athletic but not superhuman. Kyniska was the first woman to win at the ancient Olympics in 396 BC in horse chariot racing. And now she runs and races on her own two feet to conquer everything in her life.

She gives women a reason to be better runners yet a little rebellious. When someone sees her running, she thinks, “I’m going to like that woman. She is a fit and fierce person that I’d run with. And I want to run like her.”

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