Eleven years ago, I ran my first marathon, but since I was introduced to Kyniska Running, I have gained a deeper understanding of the science behind women’s running. The coaching has radically changed the way I approach my training blocks as well as how I prepare for a race. I am now proud to say that, with Kyniska Running’s guidance, I have successfully completed 40 marathons, 2 ultras, and 2 Ironman races.
Christine Conti
Brick, New Jersey
Kyniska Running has changed the way I train, planning my workouts around my menstrual cycle. I feel stronger and faster than ever!
Beste Onal
Istanbul, Turkey
I am so thrilled about Kyniska Running! I’ve been a distance runner for over three decades and have worked with a number of running coaches in the past with mixed success. I’ve never had anyone suggest, let alone, train me around ‘female factors’ aside from adjusting speeds based on general gender considerations. I love that the Kyniska Running coaches are all accomplished female runners turned coaches backed by expert science. I truly feel that Kyniska Running is the new gold standard for running training for women!
Atara Weisberger
Passaic, New Jersey
Kyniska Running has been a fabulous coaching program. They listen to my needs, monitor progress, and structure my workouts to set me up for success. What I really like about Kyniska Running is that they understand the science behind the physiological changes that are happening in my body. They explain it so you can trust the process and achieve your goals!
Karen DeGasperis
San Diego, California
Kyniska Running has helped me improve my overall athletic performance, both physically and mentally! Their training is formed individually and effectively to reach your full athletic potential.
Renee Phillips
Coronado, California
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