Female runners often train the same as male runners.
They do the same workouts on the same days of the week, hoping for similar results.
But the training shouldn’t be the same, because women are different.


Named after the Spartan princess who was the first female winner at the ancient Olympics in 396 B.C., Kyniska Running® is the only run-coaching company specifically for women. We offer female-centric run coaching based on the physiological secrets of the menstrual cycle and all the other wonderful biological factors that make you who you are.

Run with us, run for you

We believe a woman should train like a woman.​

She should do workouts and recover at the right times of the month to get the most benefit from her training. When you understand the cycle of hormones and all the other women-specific factors that affect running performance, including menstruation, muscle fiber type, nutrition, injury prevention, bone density, iron storage, pregnancy, and menopause, you open a whole new door to training and racing possibilities. Instead of being hampered by your cycle, you train with it. You train to your strengths. You train connected to who you are.

But you don’t need to understand it all your coach does.

Kyniska Running offers a differential strength on a functional attribute.

We believe in challenging the status quo. We believe in thinking differently. We believe that running doesn’t just give you a faster PR to feel good about. We believe it changes your life.


The mission of Kyniska Running is to provide female runners with cutting-edge, scientific coaching based on women’s unique physiology.


The vision of Kyniska Running is to become an international platform and model for how female runners should train for optimal performance.

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