We provide female runners with cutting-edge, scientific coaching based on women’s unique physiology.
Get proper, expert coaching today.

Helping women run faster — FEARLESSLY

Do you train differently than male runners? Are your workouts the same as the male runners you know? Is your training program tailored to your needs as a female? If you have a coach, does your coach train you differently than the male runners that he or she coaches?

What if we told you that there is a solution to this problem of not having coaching that meets your needs?

What if we told you there is a natural rhythm to a woman, that the ups and downs of the physiological roller coaster is really more of an ever-changing, but predictable, spiral? And that, with a little bit of knowledge and attention, you can understand and even predict your running experience? And then, what if a coach could apply this insight to your training? Imagine the clarity and control you could have over your performance.

At Kyniska Running, we work on your training, not just in your training. Working on your training means developing a system of training that is specific to female runners that considers all the women-specific factors you experience throughout your lifetime: Menstrual cycle. PMS. Pregnancy. Menopause. Estrogen. Progesterone. Bone density. It means developing a system that works.

Contrary to other run coaches, all our coaches are extensively trained by Kyniska Running’s CEO, who is a PhD exercise physiologist, well-known coach, certification course creator, and author of Running for Women

Our training system is made for a woman — made for you — following the natural rhythm of your physiology.

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